Sales Pitch Sub: Hey [First name]! πŸ”΅ Pill or πŸ”΄ Pill?
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  • From Tejas Shahasane Slintel
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    Sub: Hey [First name]! πŸ”΅ Pill or πŸ”΄ Pill?

  • Take one.

    πŸ”΅ stay the same
    πŸ”΄ unlock the 37% more revenue your business could be making.

    Good choice.

    Uncover the market with Odin, our all-encompassing sales intelligence software. Identify high intent active buyers & contact them in an instant.

    With Odin companies like Whatfix, Freshworks [companies relevant to sender], and many more have streamlined their sales pipeline to achieve an average increase of 37% in revenue within 1 FY.

    We believe we can help you achieve the same with Odin.
    Give us a shout and we’ll get you started.

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