Sales Pitch Do you have 26 seconds?
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  • From Tejas Shahasane Slintel
  • Subject

    Do you have 26 seconds?

  • Hi [first name],

    I’ll keep this short and sweet! It’ll take you 26 seconds to read this (yes, I timed it). 

    As a [job title] at [your company], I get to speak with people like you about [achieving X]. [Prospect company] is on my radar because we’ve helped a lot of companies in [sector] with [use-case].

    Could we schedule a 15 to 20-minute call to discuss your strategy for Y— what excites you, which challenges you to see, and how you envision your plan changing down the road? 

    Even if you decide not to continue the conversation after our call, you’ll leave with some advice for [business area] that will make an immediate impact.

    [Your name]

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