Follow Up Parting ways with an eye on the horizon | [First Name]
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  • From Apoorv Verma Whatfix
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    Parting ways with an eye on the horizon | [First Name]

  • Hi [first_name], 

    It saddens me to see we were not able to speak with each other. I was sure that Whatfix is definitely a product that can help with any challenges you might be facing with Onboarding, Training, or product feature adoption. 

    Though this is goodbye, for now, I am hopeful that things might change in the future and we might be able to connect then. 

    Owing to this optimism, I am attaching a few collaterals below for any future references. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything. I will be happy to help. 


  • Cold Emailing: The Must Do’s and The Absolute Don’ts
    Roshan Nair
  • Customer Segmentation: Explained
    Sushmitha Malali