Sales Pitch Hey you. Open the Chrome tab back up
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  • From Tejas Shahasane Slintel
  • Subject

    Hey you. Open the Chrome tab back up

  • Hi [first_name],

    In 24 hours, your chance to learn President’s Club-level techniques goes buh-bye.

    You’ll learn step-by-step sales messaging techniques that get your buyers all in a tizzy.

    In a good way. “Tizzies” can sometimes be good, right!?

    And it’s all for FREE-99. Mmmhmm.

    If you’re still on the proverbial fence (which, in non-proverbial terms, probably just means an open Chrome tab among the other 17 you have open)...

    Then dare I suggest you’re overthinking it?!

    As my old boss used to say "Ain’t no ROI in overthinking it!"

    Let’s get on a call today? 

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