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  • From Outreach
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    [first name], it was great meeting you

  • Hi [first name],

    Our team enjoyed meeting you at Dreamforce - you may remember us scanning your badge when you stopped by our booth. Your personal journey with Outreach begins with this email!

    Watch as my follow-up unfolds and compare it with how your team might currently follow up with leads generated at events like this. Our entire team will follow up with every lead this way, helping us to expand our pipeline (all while taking care of our normal sales motions).

    Below are the process steps Outreach will empower me to do:

    - Email 1 (today) - Outreach sent this email after you were loaded as a lead in Salesforce by our marketing team
    - Email 2 (tomorrow) - You'll receive a reply to this thread that Outreach will send for me from my email account
    - Email 3 (2 days later) - Outreach will send another reply for me in this same thread
    - Call 1 (1 day later) - Outreach will queue a phone call (with a Voicemail if we don't connect)
    - Social Touch 1 - Outreach will instruct me to connect with you on LinkedIn
    - Call 2 (2 days later) - Outreach will prompt me to call you again (no VM)
    - Social Touch 2 (4 days later) - Outreach reminds me to visit your LinkedIn profile so your LinkedIn recap shows you my profile picture in your "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section
    - Email 4 (1 day later) - Outreach will send an email as part of a new thread
    - Call 3 (2 days later) - Outreach will tell me to call you and leave a VM
    - Task 1 (2 days later) - Outreach will tell me you haven't replied and prompt me to decide on next actions

    That's 9 touches over 15 business days -- unless you decide to engage with me somewhere along the way. The system is also smart enough to pause and resume at a later date if we get an out-of-office reply. All of this activity will be auto-logged on your contact (and account) record in Salesforce. In addition, your lead status will be updated to reflect where you are in our conversion funnel and we'll have insights on every interaction you have with any content in my messaging.

    So, hold me to it. You'll only stop this stream if you engage with me. Then, we'll schedule a time to show you how your team can follow up like this (which is just one need/challenge Outreach solves).

    Look for my next email in two days.

    John Doe

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